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Burgerama II at The Observatory was a two day shabang! Friday March 22 and Saturday March 23 and sold out both nights. I was lucky enough to go to friday night’s show to be apart of the madness. The lineup was insanely good, with acts like The Black Lips, The Spits, Bleached, Pangea, Fuzz, The Audacity, Tijuana Panthers, and The Garden. It started at 5:30 with Tijuana Panthers opening the whole show, and ended at about 1:30am! 

Last year’s Burgerama was equally as fun, just with some different performers. But the nights started the same, getting some fast food burgers in our tummys before the show. More like rushing to get the grub down to make it in time for Tijuana Panthers. When we got there, we immediately ran to The Observatory’s main stage where kids were already dancing and having a blast in the pit. It was cool being there early because we got to see more and more people pack the venue as time went by. 

The Garden played on the smaller stage in the room called The Constellation Room. I was very excited to see them again because they always put on a crazy show. They’re two brothers, twins to be exact, who play punky bass and drum songs all shorter than a minute long. The drummer, Fletcher Shears, always looks fabulous dressed in women’s clothing with a face full of tastefully painted makeup. They started their set with the new song “Get Me My Blade” where everyone was laughing in discomfort and confusion. They quickly played more of their punky songs after that little teaser, and entertained like no other. It was definitely one of my favorite sets at Burgerama II. 

Fuzz was a band everyone was very excited to see live, since it is a new side project band of Ty Segall and Charlie Moonheart. Ty was still the singer like the other bands he is in, though in Fuzz, he drums instead of plays guitar. The title of their band says it all, it’s fuzzy garage rock that will make your heart feel cosy and even furry. However, I think Ty Segall performs better when he isn’t behind the drums, only because the energy is harder to get across while sitting down. But all in all, people were dancing and just happy to be in the presence of the lo-fie god himself. 

When Pangea went on, the party started. This band is a local favorite from LA. They played at last year’s Burgerama on the smaller stage, and were upgraded to the main stage this year with the accumulated fans over time. They play the funnest upbeat garage doo-wop punk music you’ll ever hear. The pit was packed at this point, and the kids went wild. They played 2 songs never played live before, “Badillac” and “Offer,” which were awesome and definitely a treat. I also found it cute that the drummer, Erik Jimenez, was wearing a White Fang T-shirt, while the drummer of White Fang was wearing a Pangea T-shirt. 

After Pangea, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde played an interesting set. They were a hip hop group, so many people were confused at first of why such an act was booked at a show consisting of mainly garage rock acts. But people started warming up to the change in tone, and started bopping their heads and arms in the pit. The best part of the act was when a little boy, toddler age, went up on stage and started dancing. I assume he was related to one of the members of the group, and everyone awwed in cuteness. 

By the time The Black Lips came on, it was 12:30am. Everyone was exhausted but somehow still energized with the anticipation. The band killed it as usual, not letting anyone down, and ending the show in the best way possible. The only strange thing for me was realizing that less people tried to roll on stage to kiss the members of the band, which is a typical thing at Black Lips concerts. 

You can catch a glimpse of the night in BRGR TV’s 18th Episode, “The Rama” here —

New Show!

Next quarter, starting Friday April 5th,

I will be co-hosting a show with Lesley called

Jelly Jive


So no more Bruised and Confused, and no more Raw Rawk

But don’t worry, same genre of musics!

garage punk and 60s rock n roll

Shannon and the Clams - Rip Van Winkle

So excited for their new album coming out in May!

March 14, 2013

Rey will be subbing the show for the next 2 weeks, as I have finals/will be out of town. But I will be back next quarter co-hosting a show with Lesley from Raw Rawk. Our show will probably be called Jelly Jive, so look out for that! I’ll keep y’all updated. Stay rad!

[** means new release]


The Memories - I Wanna Be That Guy - I Wanna Be That Guy

The Drowners - Long Hair 

The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of The Understatement - The Age of The Understatement 

Dusty Mush - My Weird Moustache - S/T split cassette 

Juan Wauters - Sanity - Sanity 


The Traditional Fools - All-Right - S/T**

The Pipettes - Really That Bad - We Are The Pipettes

Midnite Snaxxx - Here And Now - S/T 

The Ludds - Clarabella Dronkers - Demos 

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding - I Wanna Die - Two Weeks** 


The Bell Peppers - Drapes N’ Squares - Saved By The Bell Peppers 

Born Ruffians - Hummingbird - Red, Yellow, and Blue 

Mujeres - Seattle Waves - Soft Gems 

Rainbow Gun Show - Stacey Song - Not Quite A Butterfly 


The Black Belles - Honky Tonk Horror - Honky Tonk Horror 

White Fang - Wrecked - High Expectations 

Modern Pets - Lovesick - Vista Alienation

The Meow Twins - Atlantic 

NASA Space Universe - E.G.M. - Beyond Ice EP 


Heavy Cream - The Jam - Super Treatment 

The Pizazz - Living Like Animals - Get Out of My House 

Beat Happening - Hot Chocolate Boy 

Nervous - Perfection - S/T** 

Outer Minds - Something New - Southpaw 


Pangea - My Head Is Sick - Living Dummy 

The Migs - Fuzzy Sun - Whatever Forever 

The Men - Electric - New Moon** 

Tweens - Be Mean - Demos** 

Supercute! - Love Love Leave Love - Singles** 


Pyyramids - That Ain’t Right

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